Our online Kundalini Yoga workshop is designed to teach you techniques to boost your immune system and strengthen your electromagnetic energy field, to protect and defend against viruses and germs, and to support vibrant health and emotional balance. I'm excited to share an advanced immune system therapy and powerful practices to recharge your energy field that surrounds the body, so you may return to radiance and vitality.

Your auric field that surrounds the body is considered the eighth chakra, and it fuels all of the other energetic centers. We will strengthen and fine-tune the auric field to provide protection against disease and negative environmental influences. When the aura is weak we are vulnerable to everything around us like germs, attitudes, emotions and we can feel down. Learn an exercise you can use at home to strengthen your auric field and recharge in just 4 minutes!

This 3-part program includes 3 video recordings. You can do all three recording consecutively, or practice the Pranayama Breathing or Immune System Therapy technique separately. It's suggested the prior to doing the Kundalini Kriyas you do at least one Breathing exercise first. You can then use all of the Kundalini movements, or select a few from the program that resonate with you.

Please join me for this important practice to strengthen your health, and return to radiance, emotional balance and happiness! 

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  Kundalini to Strengthen Your Immune System & Magnetic Field
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